In anticipation of TED’s Summer Debate on July 16th 2010,

The End of the World,
John Martin, 1851-3.

For additional perspectives on this famous apocalyptic painting that, on the face of it, shows the destruction of Babylon and the material world by natural cataclysm, here are some  psychological roots of environmental angst:

“The cultural tragedy is reflected in the personal tragedy of the infant with failed maternal support; the tragedy of the infant is reflected in a cultural wasteland of devastation and despair. In this way, the deepest internal and widest external forms of disintegration interpenetrate at the point of environmental failure. At the dark heart of the anti-group is the dread of insufficiency and, beyond that, of extinction.”

Morris Nitsun, 1966.

Here at SLOWstudio, Dr Emma Neuberg is preparing the lectures, papers, seminars and texts to broaden the discourse on ecological and environmental destructiveness through a psychoanalytic lens.

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