On ‘shop-placing’

We found the following passage on ‘shop-placing:

“Shop-placing” is a collective of artistic inquirers who investigate relational understandings. It is an emerging concept from the dialogical understandings among artworks, written works, musings, and conversations of many artists, researchers, and scholars. Other artists/researchers/pedagogues are investigating relevant themes/issues/concepts.

“Shop-placing” is used as a variant to “shoplifting.”

Shoplifting occurs when items are stolen from a place of commerce by an impersonating customer. Shopplacing, in contrast, occurs when a “shopplacer” generously “places” a voluntary constructed artifact in a specific context with the intent of it being received by a willing, and hopefully delighted recipient. This is done with intentions of good will, generosity, whimsy, inquiry, pedagogy, and to provide feedback for artistic inquirers.

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