Our V&A Course Ends on a High – Next Workshop Jan 22nd!

Vivian Hidalgo Nava (l) and Amanda Goode (r)
In our final Ballets Russes class everyone’s designs came together.
Inspired by the V&A exhibition with particular focus on the work of Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, and their influences, each textile was a true hybrid of slow and fast processes with digital and manual tools.
A new textile horizon emerges that combines history, museum archives, tradition, imagination and interpretation with the latest in digital technology.

Julia Brendel-Lee

Pat Shenstone
Inspiration from Mikhail Larionov’s Buffoon costume for Les Ballets Russes production, Chout, 1921, and Goncharova’s Le Coq d’Or’s Stage curtain, 1914.

Some of Natalia Goncharova’s inspiration was ours also.
For instance, Ivan Bilibin, who was introduced in Week 5:

More pics coming..

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