Fashion is an hierarchical business. From the industrial revolution to the present day, this has resulted in mass consumption, mass waste and mass externalities.

Our intervention services, designed to differentiate consumerist behaviours, re-channel waste and reduce impacts, include:


Slow Textiles Group Business Training

We offer bespoke knowledge that incorporates new business model teaching, Fashion & Textiles specific insight and sustainable design tools for all stages of a brand’s life and Circular Economy development.

Our services are extremely successful in building exciting new businesses whilst seeding innovative research and business models within our clients’ knowledge, community and Unique Selling Point.

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Slow Textiles Group Connectivity

By incorporating depth learning in all our events, we prioritize the environmental, progressive, regressive, historic, technological and future implications of design, its making and language, in an integrative, all-encompassing, educational and inspirational framework.

Invoke connectivity and revoke denial!

Slow Textiles Group Open Dialogue

Our workshops and consultations promote a space for personal development, learning and practice of skills, reflection and integration of old and new design techniques. Relational dialogue is at the core of our business to deliver your brand’s biggest financial and personal profits.

Where dialogue flows complexity grows!

Slow Textiles Group Health & Well-being

Working in a group offers connectedness and sharing which elevates mood, motivation and internal and cultural connectivity which, in turn, promotes constructive, exponential ripple effects.

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Slow Textiles Group Support, Products & Services

We offer workshops, meet-ups, ideas and, soon, downloadable books to inspire new interpretations of fabric, print, pattern, designs, stories and embellishments to support people of all ages in intervening, designing, making, prolonging and customizing their materials, garments and products.

Slow Textiles Group Level Research & Development Playing Field

We pride ourselves on the hundreds of outputs published and dozens of awards gained by our members across our unique open access, level playing field. Find out how you can too at one of our monthly get-togethers.

Slow Textiles Group Collective

Creative practice is often a solitary activity that takes place with few words before, during and after. Slow Textiles Group events promote differentiated interpretations and structures to the fore, giving an individual and collective voice to different maker experiences, stories, perspectives, insights, visions, frameworks, needs and desires in the London studio and online.

Choose communication not isolation!

Slow Textiles Group Sharing

Our creative events and group tasks are designed to generate a space in which to share knowledge, liberate expression and support individual and group textiles making and materials science practice.

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