Fast actions innovate and bring rapid feedback and speedy take-up of improved products…Slowness provides stability and can promote holistic thinking and causal chains of responsibility. Combining the two brings newness underpinned by resilience, revolution bolstered by remembrance and fashion supported by nature and culture…

Kate Fletcher, 2006

Grassroots Inspiration

Fashion is a hierarchical business by default. This results in mass-consumption and mass-waste. We offer ideas, tools and, soon, downloadable booklets to inspire unique ideas and interpretations of fabric, print, pattern, designs, stories and embellishments to support people in intervening, designing, making, prolonging and altering their own.


Our hands-on workshops encourage a social space for personal development, learning and practice of skills, reflection and old and new textile techniques. Where dialogue flows complexity grows!

Counter-generalised Business Knowledge

Why is business training and mentoring only for generalised business activity?  We offer bespoke business knowledge that incorporates new business model teaching, textile specific knowledge and sustainable design tools for any stage in a company’s life and evolution. Not only is this far more successful in building exciting businesses but it seeds cutting edge research and business models in your training.  Mail us for further info and details.


By incorporating Depth Learning in all our events, we consider the environmental, progressive, regressive, historic, technological and future implications of design and craft, their making and language in a holistic framework. Invoke connectivity and revoke denial!

Counter-elitist Research

Why is research so exclusive? Why does it really cost upwards of US$50,000 to do a research degree? Why do we have to pay hundreds of dollars for research reports and conferences? All Slow Textiles Group events and work aim to shake this system up. We pride ourselves on the hundreds of outputs published and dozens of awards gained by members of the group so far and all achieved outside traditional institutions. Find out more at our next Work Review.


Creative practice is often a solitary activity that takes place with few words before, during, even after. Marketing too seems ever more ‘me me me’ through social media. The Slow Textiles Group’s work brings differentiated interpretations and structures to the fore, giving an individual and collective voice to different maker experiences, stories, perspectives, insights, visions, frameworks, needs and desires – in situ and broadcast live online. Choose communication over isolation!

Health and Well-being

Working in a group offers connectedness and sharing which elevates mood, motivation and internal and cultural connectivity which, in turn, promote exponential ripple effects. See the science!


Our creative events and group tasks are designed to generate a space in which to share knowledge, liberate expression and support individual and group textiles and materials science practice. Do you dare to share?

We are in the process of extending this out online to meet and connect with people everywhere…

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