Sustainable Design Thinking & Systems Services

We provide pioneering, sustainable Design Thinking lectures, seminars and solutions to diverse brands, audiences and institutions.


We create books, articles, displays and exhibitions on a wide range of sustainable design themes and topics.

Business Training

We provide business model training, fashion and textiles industry insight and sustainable design tools for all stages of a brand’s life and circular economy.

Moderator Services

We provide original craft projects for groups, large and small, for brands, institutions, retailers and museums – all designed to engage audiences in fun, sustainable design practices.

Social Craft Practice

We provide intelligent and engaging moderator services for your sustainable design projects and broadcasts.

Health Craft Practice

We provide bespoke, craft projects for therapeutic groups, of all ages, to engage individuals, colleagues and carers to enable improved health and well-being, connectivity and community.

Activism Craft Practice

We provide craft projects that give participants a voice for empowerment, cohesion, communication and visibility.


We write informed, insightful content on sustainable design and its systems for your projects, brands and campaigns.

Well-being Craft Practice

We provide bespoke craft projects that focus on engagement and relaxation for all ages.

Slow Textiles Practice

We provide textile design projects and training on diverse themes and areas of sustainable textiles design, practice and delivery.

Slow Fashion Practice

We provide hands-on projects and training on diverse themes and areas of sustainable fashion design, practice and delivery.

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