The Slow Textiles Group is a Sustainable Design Management company.

Dr Emma Neuberg (seated, top right) chairs a Slow Textiles Group meeting with British weaver, Jessica Light (The New Craftsmen), presenting her work and talking about her creative process.


“All our members are cultural meaning creators,” says Founding Director, Emma Neuberg (PhD RCA, London, UK).  “Each one imbues materials, clothing, images, systems and craft with cultural meaning.  This creates value and edge by being symbolic, insightful, eloquent and grounds people in a language that can be felt, shared, talked about, held, understood and owned. The importance of this cannot be over-estimated as it leads to individuation, liberation, waste reduction and increased happiness and we know how significant these are for planet, people and health as well as social, cultural and resource capital.”


“Design, clothing and textiles exist in a cognisant, collective space, based upon survivalist principles, as your algorithms demonstrate, not some place of unconscious zeitgeist, serendipity and coincidence!”


The aim of the Slow Textiles Group is to push the boundaries of textiles practice and related industries (including Agriculture, Waste, Chemical Engineering, Behavioural Science, Oceanic Sciences and Social Care), and record the resulting innovations, concepts and projects through publication, exhibition and exciting events.

The pioneering enterprise originates from Dr Neuberg’s research in Sustainable Design Systems whilst a doctoral candidate at the Royal College of Art in London, an awardee of the National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts Creative Pioneer Programme and a design consultant at Textiles Environment Design at Chelsea College of Art & Design (University of the Arts, London).

Established in 2009, the Slow Textiles Group continues to thrive with international demand for more reflective, theoretical and collaborative frameworks for creative design and textiles practice, professional development, educational and industry support, lifelong learning and interconnected communities. Their vision for the future is progressive, integrative and global.

The group’s headquarters is Textiles Hub London and events are livestreamed.

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