The Studio’s Covid-19 Update

Our UK studio, Textiles Hub London, is open as usual for all our businesses and textiles artist residents to work and deliver on their contracts.

We keep an in-house timetable in place to make sure that only one person is working in the key areas of the studio and benefitting from all the light, space and machinery, at any one time.

By practising all UK government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing, orders and services that need to be fulfilled by our residents are underway as normal. Where work can be carried out in private home studios, it is…

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Recalibrating International Textiles Research

All our events build bonds and relationships that last, edify and support. This means we can really deliver on your success. This is not the norm in an industry where trust is limited. This means all our clients go into wonderful fields of creativity, from Slow Living retail in Spain to Craft & Well-being education in Japan, all along, promoting relational, inspiring and sustainable paths.

We help individuals become masters in their trade and future leaders in the sustainable design field…

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Supporting Superlative Micro-Businesses

We thrive on creating a space for micro businesses to practice and grow at our studio Textiles Hub London. We create physical spaces and management structures to really spur and nurture our members and residents while they work hard fulfilling their offers.

We understand fully how a brand’s story is the backbone of the founder’s story and how we can build on this to create masterful, full-bodied brands…

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Developing Individual Cultures

We’re well-known for developing unique cultures in our designers. Every artist reaches and sustains their zenith in design and story-telling with our caring, attention and support. This has a huge impact in elevating micro to medium-size enterprises…

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Transitioning Skills to Enterprise, Meticulously

We’re expert in helping talented artists and designers gain traction on the first rungs of professional success. With our support, graduates are transported to the next stage of their development in the most rounded, fully-fledged and real fashion. This means with full insight, care…

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Transferring Lifelong Skills

We’ve enjoyed designing and delivering pioneering creative collaborations with the V&A since 2010. We specialize in teaching the most empowering digital textiles craft tools for…

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Developing Insights with Extinction Rebellion

We’re proud to work with the most progressive thinkers, activists and Climate Action platforms in the world…

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Edifying Sustainable Futures

The best thing about designing the future is watching it materialize before our eyes with our team at…

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