The Studio’s Covid-19 Update

Our UK studio, Textiles Hub London, is open as usual for all our businesses and textiles artist residents to work and deliver on their contracts.

We keep an in-house timetable in place to make sure that only one person is working in the key areas of the studio and benefitting from all the light, space and machinery, at any one time.

By practising all UK government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing, orders and services that need to be fulfilled by our residents are underway as normal.

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Rewriting History with Visionnaries

We’re busy threading together diverse stories across many centuries to tell new stories about textiles, classic aesthetics and their timeless appeal. We specialize in working with international artists and…

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Teaching Textiles CAD with Collage

We find most CAD classes boring so we invented a new hybrid of design-jockeying CAD with collage! We bring this unique approach to classrooms everywhere in order to…

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Enabling New Stories

We’re always thrilled to see the crowds gather for our digital textiles and traditional textiles craft events! If you’re looking for an unique experience to enhance your special event then we are poised to…

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Making Classics Modern

We’ve been researching classic textile designs and their structures and ways to make them modern for ten years. This process has brought hundreds of designers and…

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SPOTLIGHT: New Resident Artist Alex Anne Goodwin

We’re delighted to welcome our new resident modern folk embroiderer, Alex Anne Goodwin, who…

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