Slow Textiles Group member and textiles designer, Susana Fernandez, who co-founded Slowroom cycle store in Madrid and previously worked at the Royal carpet manufacturers of Spain, Real Fabrica de Tapices, paints a series of Cubo-Futurist images inspired by twentieth century Soviet artists Baranov-Rossine, Lyubov Popova and Natalia Goncharova in the group’s Maison Martin Margiela Open Source Dress workshop.

Her painting, seen in the foreground gouache image above, is one of several created to begin her Maison Martin Margiela cubo-futurist collection. Once three paintings were completed they were digitized to begin the process of transformation before designing their placement on the Maison Martin Margiela’s dress pattern in different arrangements.

Before launch of the final collection, some of the working designs were placed into GIF formations by artist animator Emma Neuberg to start a new chapter in story-telling ideas and story-boarding around the workshop concept.

Some of the Slow Textiles Group Maison Martin Margiela Open Source dresses will be made up in silk so watch this space!



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