Jonathan Saunders animated, 2011.

The Slow Textiles Group are very excited to announce that their members and associates, the best designers working internationally today, are beginning their designs for The Geometrics, the first textile design band the world has seen!


Digital Patchwork, Emma Neuberg, 2012.

Why not sign up for our Pop Art Geometrics Workshop this Saturday to develop your geometric design skills and participate in The Geometrics publications! The workshop starts at 2pm in London (and you can log in as a webinar participant also). It’s fun and easy and you get to learn and hear about some of the most exciting textile projects happening in the world today. Details here.
Chaos and Order, Geraldine Peclard, 2012.

We’re delighted to announce that Swiss designer, Geraldine Peclard will be presenting her work as part of the workshop too! She’ll be talking about her innovative and poetic combination of expressive painting within the containment of precise geometric arrangements that she prints on cotton. The textiles work arises from an extended period of empirical study and observation of mental illness within a bounded community setting.

We’re very proud to present Geraldine Peclard as our first Designer Show ‘n’ Tell in the new Textile Talks. The next one is Royal College of Art graduate, Ying Wu on August 11th. Initial details here!

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