Today we were very excited to see our chapter in the new book about to be launched (October 1st 2012) by Thames&Hudson called The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black, Professor of Fashion & Textile Design & Technology at London College of Fashion! 
And we are overwhelmed by the immensity of the tome that just arrived on our desk! It is 350 pages of extraordinary insights into the entire context and need for sustainability and fashion as a global industry to be wholly integrated. The design, layout and form are superlative and the writers are all the ones you want to read!

The Slow Textiles Group chapter is located at the start of the book in the section that addresses ‘Self and Beauty/Culture and Consumption’. Ours, called The Hidden Persuaders and Their Dark Screens of Meaning, sits alongside Otto von Busch’s The Game of Fashion and Pamela Church Gibson’s, Sustainable Fashion in the Age of Celebrity Culture. These three chapters set the contextual scene for the book:

This is a generation’s must-have! 


Today we also started reading Safia Minnney’s inspirational book Naked Fashion. She opens it with these words,

“For many people at that rat race ‘what’s the point of it all’ moment in their career, travel or time alone in nature has triggered a crucial switch away from our habitually amused-to-death lives. Get some fresh air. See parts of the world that function very well without our level of consumerism. See how conventional economics and consumerism are stripping land and natural resources away from farmers and fisherfolk and concentrating it all into the hands of a few business owners, investors and their army – the advertisers, creatives and marketeers who make consumption so seductive, even at the cost of our planet and our sanity..”

These are some of the shared origins of our work too, both practical and theoretical. We are here to support British design creatives when they meet that ‘what’s the point of it all’ moment in their careers.

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