We’re delighted to announce that TSTG joins the iconic London Printworks Trust for the
Slow Design School Stitch & Book Club this weekend!
Our Slow Design School students follow in the footsteps of Great British designers such as Pat Albeck, Holly Fulton, Jonathan Saunders, Eley Kishimoto and Zandra Rhodes who have all worked with London Printworks Trust to develop their stunning textile collections!
Each of those designer’s work is so diverse, and many others’ who have worked with LPT,  yet all display a mix of lyricism, wit and energy that is quintessentially British. That’s what makes them so timeless, iconic and desirable!
The London Printworks Trust is synonymous with nurturing and promoting these qualities so it is with great excitement and honour that TSTG has their first Practice+Theory event there this Saturday!
There’s no advert for this event as it’s exclusive to the Slow Design School Programme however, we’ll be putting some pics on Twitter for you to enjoy!
Holly Fulton, Counter Feat, London Printworks Trust, 2011.
Jonathan Saunders, Counter Feat,  2011.
             Eley Kishimoto, Counter Feat, London Printworks Trust, 2011.
Zandra Rhodes, Counter Feat, London Printworks Trust, 2011.


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