Every week, as the founder of Slow Textiles, I receive dozens of questions from interested designers, graduates and amateurs who seek keen answers to their textile design and making questions, thoughts, ideas and plans.
In order to be able to reply to everyone’s questions, I’ve added a Personal Tutorial booking option open to everyone. Personal tutorials have been available to Slow Textiles Group members for a long time now to help focus their creative thoughts, making and strategy – and now, everyone can benefit!
For up to one hour costs £60 and in this time a lot of ground is covered, satisfying questions, curiosity, needs and helping you progress with your project, enterprise and journey. Feedback notes and a summary of the key points covered are then sent to you as reference, guide and plan of action.
Just click on the Non-Members Tutorial Booking button to the right of this page and type your preferred day and time options (add your country too) and I’ll email you with a confirmed time to Skype.
I look forward to meeting you online soon!

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