Ying Wu, Running Rabbit, 2012
We were really moved by Ying Wu’s graduation silk prints at the Royal College of Art this week. She graduates this summer from the prestigious postgraduate Printed Textiles department (UK) following in the footsteps of Zandra Rhodes and Alice Temperley
One of her personal statements on her website reads,
“My project is a commentary on life in areas that are industrialising and urbanising at a fast pace. Despite the apparent economical development, air and water pollution and the loss of cultural heritage remain an issue..
Ying Wu, Bird, 2011
“..In this project, I illustrate through my images what I believe is happening and what might happen. Hopefully, this collection will raise public awareness of those issues..allowing people to think about whether we are stepping into the idyllic future we anticipate.”
Ying Wu, City, 2011
Ying Wu, Cow, 2012
Why not join us live or online on August 11th 2012 for the Slow Textiles lecture that deals with industrialisation and its impact on human, animal and ecological balance on August 11th 2012!
Details here!

To see lots more of Ying Wu’s images, including the superlative Under the Ground, go to ying wu.

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