We’re delighted to announce the start of our Geometrics Season! 
Celebrating, promoting and pioneering geometric design in everything textiles, The Slow Textiles Group are holding their next Geometrics Workshop on July 14th 2012 (available in situ and via webinar) at 2pm, to be followed by exhibition in October 2012, a new workshop in November and two large exhibitions in 2013! 
This marks the first formal appraisal of geometry in fashion and textiles ever! Showcasing the best in contemporary textiles talent in the UK and internationally today, the Geometrics Season pioneers the future blueprint  for textile design! 
As a sneak preview, we’re proud to showcase one of The Geometrics, Joanna Fowles‘, gorgeous geometric interpretations in her hand dyed, digital and screen-printed signature look.

To learn more, please book your ticket for the workshop Pop Art Geometrics here!

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