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Bode SS18

Today in the studio we’re loving Emily Bode’s new menswear collection.  Discover more!

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In yesterday’s show, 21st Feb 2016 in London, we were presented with a mix of evening party glamour, moonlit boudoir and punk constraint. Less evident was the exciting and irreverent mood that we came to expect from Lee McQueen with his take-your-breath-away collections. Instead, beneath the embroidered threads and sequins is a melancholic space that reminds us of the pre-Raphaelites’ world (1848 – 1920). May be this is no wonder in view of Lee’s legacy. The bigger picture suggests that fashion, so often construed as fleeting, can really be seen as a reflection of the on-going cultural symbols of its time and geographic and cultural location.

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What Is It About Textiles?

The textiles industry and its industrial legacy is central to the Industrial Revolution and capitalist dynamics expressed through cloth.  We invite textile researchers to write a history of the industrial legacy of the textiles industry from the eighteenth century to today.  Please contact us if this is something you’re interested in participating in.

There is an article here on the aftermath of the Rana Plaza building collapse (April 2013) and a book on the history of child labour in the British textiles industry here.


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Pattern, Textiles & Fashion on Film

Quentin Jones for Kenzo Pre-Fall 2012

You may have noticed here recently that the Slow Textiles Group embrace animation and film narratives for textiles. This is because textiles manifest time and story-telling in their very DNA.  Even digital code is textiles inasmuchas each pixel echoes the needlepoint stitch or punchcard hole in order to make the image whole.

Last year we showcased amazing textile animator Tania Grace Knuckey’s witty, subtle and evocative textile animations at the Slow Studio Cinema. “I have to put timelines into textiles to bring them alive,” she says.

Have a look through London designer Quentin Jones amazing sequences and visit the Slow Studio on April 20th to see more of this inspirational genre!

Quentin Jones for Nowness 2012
Quentin Jones for Penhaligon 2012
Quentin Jones for Holly Fulton 2012

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Future Publications

Each of our workshops will have its own publication describing the content and dialogue that took place and will be FREE to members:

To be launched soon!
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An invitation to add to a growing collection of material stories. 

Inspired by Charles Darwin’s nephew, George Darwin’s 1872 paper “Development in Dress”, this online collection is part of a research project to create “biographies in dress” where clothes are read as biographies of gender, social climate, biological development, geographic location, personal change and cultural evolution.

Please hashtag images of cherished garments with #FashionAutobiography on social media with details of age at wearing, description of the garment, geographic location, year and top 3 reasons for wearing it that day/that year. Thank you!

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Working in Groups:

Kuna women doing their applique, 2004.

Slow Textiles not only generate timeless artefacts but they expand time.  
Engaged in contained, communal process, time stops and all that is slow flows in.
This is our first post and our vision for the Slow Textiles platform is to offer a space, physical, mental and virtual, for everyone interested in textiles-related things to meet up, share, exhibit, sell, generate outcomes such as books,  journals and films as well as fabrics and fun!